Wot no Chemo?

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Round Three

This is the world’s smallest update just to let everyone know that I finally started chemo last Monday – yay!

The bad news is that I’m now neutropenic – boooo!!

I felt okay for the first few days after chemo – the steroid high – but deteriorated towards the end of the week. By Friday I had a sore throat and was sent to A & E for some IV antibiotics.

I perked up over the weekend and managed to get away for my friends 40th. They did the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge for Breast Cancer Care – well done team Natalie!! I challenged myself to do as little as possible and spent a gentle afternoon pottering around Settle.

I was due to have my second treatment this morning, however my bloods showed that I’m neutropenic which means I was unable to have my treatment today. This might sound familiar to those of you who have followed my blog from the start, as I was hospitalised with neutropenia during my first round of chemotherapy two years ago.

Neutropenia happens when your neutrophil (white blood cell) count goes too low, meaning you have no immunity against infection.  Left untreated, neutropenia can be fatal, so the hospital take it quite seriously. As well as the antibiotics, I’m keeping a close eye on my temperature.

I had no energy today so I spent the afternoon in bed watching a mixture of Breaking Bad and Alan Partridge. This might sound like a strange combination but I find Breaking Bad incredibly stressful so I have to intersperse it with comedy. I’m willing it to end.

I’m seeing my consultant and getting my bloods checked on Friday. If my bloods have picked up by then, I should be okay to have treatment next Monday.

I’m hoping they will offer me G-CSF injections again. G-CSF stimulates your bone marrow to produce neutrophils and alleviates many of the horrible side effects of chemotherapy. It makes chemotherapy a much more pleasant experience, however it’s very expensive so they generally only offer it to patients who really need it. Here’s hoping I fall into that category otherwise I might have to do a Walter White.

Fact of the week via an ancient copy of Country Life magazine: Elderflowers relieve cold symptoms. I collected and made a tea from wild elderflowers and the effects were almost instant. My nose stopped running and my sinus pain disappeared. Amazing!

  1. josnewlife says:

    Hoping you feel better & that they give you the drug to help! I was hospitalized w/ neutrapenia during my chemo last summer – in the US they gave me neuprogen shots during last 4 months – hoping you feel better soon & they give you everything you need to feel better through your treatment, love Jo

  2. Firstly, watching Breaking Bad? You are a very brave bunny! I’m much too much of a wimp.

    Sorry to hear that your neutrophils have taken a battering. Hope you (and they) feel much better soon and that you get the G-CSF jabs in future.

    Take care xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    The chemo is hard on your immune system Katherine, and I’m really sorry you’ve not been well. But on the positive side, it’s curtains for those sneaky cancer cells…
    Thinking of you a lot. Love Pat

  4. Elsa says:

    Hey Lovely Smile Katherine,
    It was so nice to see you in Barley Mill. I have had a look at your kilts website, it made me want to see more! I am not really a social media chick (not on Facebook) but I am glad I will be able to follow your news on this blog. Good luck with your next treatment, I will be sending friendly vibes and warm thoughts to you.
    Hope to see you again soon for more celebrations and drinks in the sun. X Elsa and Tim and Viv.

    • killerkath says:

      Hello Elsa, it was really lovely seeing you all too and to meet Viv!! I hope it’s not too long before we catch up again……at least not before we’re grey 😉 I hope the sun is shining with you! Katherine xxx ps. say hi to your mum….I hope she enjoying her tour of Scotland ❤

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