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  1. Kathy LoRaso says:

    Hello Killer! I have secondary breast cancer too. I had the exact problem over Christmas: my mouth was a complete ulcer with bleeding lips and also playing miss the ulcer with my food when trying to eat. I was in agony so I understand. Also I had a very bad, VERY itchy rash all over my body. They think it was my reaction to a new chemo which I had just started but I had the beginnings of the symptoms before I started that. I attribute it to being overdosed with steroids (I was given the “full adult dose” which is the same whether you weigh 51 kg like me or 85kg.) Were you on any steroids? If so, question the dose and stop taking if at all possible.
    But anyway, I received a drugstore full of mouth and skin items when I had these 2 problems. I just checked and I have 18 packets left that I would be happy to post to you. No big deal, can easily be done as I live in London.
    Please let me know either way. No worries if you get it elsewhere and do not need my supply. Or let me know where to post it if you do.

    Take care,


    • killerkath says:

      Hi Kathy thanks for your kind offer!

      The drug that has caused all the horrible for me SE’s is Everolimus. I think these SE’s are really common, mine were just quite extreme.
      I was on dexamethasone recently for some radiotherapy treatment I had but I finished that just over a week ago.

      I’m hoping to receive two boxes of Gelclair today so I should have enough to keep me going but it’s very sweet of you to offer. ..besides you might need it at a later date!

      I hope treatment is being kind to you.
      Thanks for stopping by
      Katherine x

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