Killerkath on BBC Breakfast News

Posted: November 4, 2014 in Round Three

My Facebook friends already know about this so apologies if it’s old news.

I’ve been asked to come along and join a discussion on the BBC Breakfast couch tomorrow morning regarding the war/battle metaphors used when talking about cancer. I’ll be joining a psychologist Geoff Beattie and I’ll be giving the cancer patient/blogger’s perspective.

I’ve been told we’ll either be on the 7.40 or 8.10 slot.

I’m the girl who did everything possible to avoid my story being published in my hometown newspaper the Perthshire-Advertiser……….ahhhhhhhh what have I let myself in for!!!




  1. mary jennings says:

    Good luck for tomorrow Kath. You will be great. Much love .mary ccc

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good luck I’ll be watching. Much love Carol

  3. vancouver-mummigrant says:

    Amazing, Kath! We all need to hear your views! Proud of ya! (I have been busy job hunting over the pon and off social media, but promise to call v soon to catch up). Miss you and think of you lots xxx

  4. Just seen you on BBC. Really interesting interview and agree with everything you said! I think you put it very well and compassionately. Just reading and loving your blog, from one (albeit it bum blogger) to another! Go girl. X

  5. Mike says:

    Saw your interview and thought you were lovely, you spoke with eloquence and feeling. It had such an impact I had to find your blog 🙂

    God bless and best of luck with your on-going treatment.

  6. mr Kenneth Spencer says:

    You were excellent on BBC Breakfast, looked at your blog, left a reply about my mums journey so far.

  7. Fiona Aird says:

    Dear Kath,

    Thank you very much for this personal notification. Unfortunately I did not find it until this morning, but I didn’t worry because I thought, “Oh, I’ll be able to watch that on I-Player”. Unfortunately, that is not the case, so I will wait patiently and hope to see the clip you mentioned. It sounds as if you enjoyed meeting the psychologist, and the experience of being on national TV. Well done, Killer Kath!

    I follow your Blog, and I see things which Jenny shares. Facebook friends?

    Tonight I am looking after a very clingy little dog – he really doesn’t like fireworks night.

    Lots of love,


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