Thank FEC it’s over

Posted: October 5, 2012 in The Big C
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Today I am celebrating. 127 days since my diagnosis and 105 days since starting chemotherapy I’ve had my sixth and final dose of the delightful FEC. I also had my trusty friend, the Picc line, whipped out today so I’ve got my left arm back too.

I bid an emotional farewell to the Oncology unit today. I won’t miss the weekly trips, the smell of the ward – that hospital smell makes me want to barf now –  and being surrounded by illness, however I’ll really miss the banter with the nurses and the psychological security-blanket they have provided me with over the last few months. They’re a truly lovely bunch.

The after effects of chemo mean my celebration is very low-key. More of a “thank f**k that’s over, get cosy on the couch and stretch my left arm as far as I want” kind of celebration, than going down the pub.

I’m happy. From today there’ll be no more one-armed baths or wooden-arm and soon I’ll be waving goodbye to nausea, fatigue, ice-cream headaches, brain-fog and chemo-glow. I’ve got my left arm back and in a few weeks time I should have some hair. My parents are treating me to a wee break and I’m hoping to squeeze in a Manchester catch up before my big op. It will be so good to feel normal again. Thank FEC this part is over.

  1. Kerry says:

    That’s fantastic news Kath! Where are you off to on your break and when? I’ll be in touch this weekend to find out when I can come up and see you next.

  2. killerkath says:

    Hey K, West Coast probably sometime towards end Oct, just waiting for dates for but yes come up! X

  3. natstar12uk says:

    Great news Kath. Pammy sounds ace! Will call for a catch up soon xxx

  4. loulouctee says:

    Fucking A!!!!! Can’t wait to go swimming in the Stretford pool with you! Oh the glamour. It’s the simple things in life xx

  5. Susie says:

    Hi, was Pammy the nurse of the peppermint tea/ polo in hot water comment? She sounds great. Glad you’ve got your arm back and happy west coasting. X

  6. Sal Grim says:

    Hurrah! Can’t wait to see you back in Manchester. Xxxx

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