Posted: July 13, 2012 in The Big C
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Everything is slowly settling back to normal now. My head feels considerably lighter without all that hair and I’m nearly back to shiny, happy mostly positive Kath again. Losing my hair and being hospitalised was rather a lot to cope with in one weekend but I’m feeling loads better now. Who cares about hair anyway? Saying that, since the big shave I do seem to have developed a phantom ponytail. The ghost of ponytails past perhaps?

Wig shopping yesterday was a bit of a disaster. I tried on a few but they all looked either a bit too wiggy, really dated or made me feel like I was trying for a part in Scooby Doo. One really did look like a Thelma wig. We have a few other places to try so I haven’t completely ruled wigs out.  I actually quite like my crew-cut and love the feel of my suede-head although it’s thinning rapidly.

I spent today at the Maggie’s centre in Dundee which is a Scottish charity offering support to people with cancer. The Dundee centre is designed by Frank Gehry, so as far as community centres go it’s pretty cool. More Guggenheim than village hall. They offer loads of free classes, support groups and complementary therapies and it’s all free.

I met some really interesting people there. The first was Dee, a 76 year old transsexual with prostate cancer. Dee told me that for her, cancer was just another part of her life journey, an adventure. Dee was a truly inspiring lady. A shining example that you can and should do whatever the hell you want in life, even if it takes you 76 years to work it out.

Grayson Perry – Print for a Politician

I was the youngest there by far but everyone made me feel really welcome and it was great to meet people at all different stages, from newbies like me to people who have been in remission for years. Everyone had a story but the thing that stood out more than anything was their positivity. If someone in their 70s can sail through treatment then it can’t be that bad. Some had admirably lived through cancer twice or more and still managed to stay positive.

I tried the Tai Chi & relaxation classes. The Tai Chi was good but the relaxation class didn’t really work for me. Everyone got cosy with blankets & half of them hit the deck and snored their way through. I think I’ll stick  to my peaceful, conscious meditation for now.

I’m all set for chemotherapy round two tomorrow. Apparently my bloods are back to normal and they’re giving me an immune boosting GCSF shot which should prevent me being hospitalised again. It might have happened anyway but I was told that the epic train journey & house move last weekend probably didn’t help my immune system. Suffice to say I shan’t be leaving the PH postcode for the next 3 months.

This weekend I’m having a joint birthday party with my 3-year-old niece Lottie so I’m really looking forward to that. I have a frock but I am having a hair or should I say head dilemma so I might have to resort to the old beanie until I get a wig sorted. Anyway bring on the party games – ‘Farmers in his den’ anyone?


  1. Good on old Dee!! Wish I could be at your party……’Farmers in the den’ sounds like an interesting game!!!! xxx

  2. SoozBrand says:

    I love the picture of the Grayson Perry but would really appreciate one of you (maybe doing tai chi or even drinking chai tea) next time. Sending positive vibes your way. xx

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