Things I love about being ill

Posted: July 3, 2012 in The Big C
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I was going to write a list of positives and negatives about being ill, but the negatives make grim reading, so in the spirit of positive thinking – because we all know that cures cancer – I’ll stick to the good ones:

1. My mum ironing my pants for me – she’s amazing, she irons everything! Pants aside, when you’re feeling lousy it’s nice having people to ferry you to appointments, look after you and cheer you up. My family & friends are pretty good at that.

2. Chicken soup. It’s so clichéd but on a bad day last week, my mum made chicken soup. Like the pants, it worked.

3. An appreciation and lust for life that I never had before. I was too busy. I want to live, it’s quite simple.

4. You get lots of presents & flowers. I’ve been on the receiving end of some pretty staggering acts of kindness recently. Folk have even offered me the hair from their head. People are good.

5. You get to jump to the front of most queues. Typical conversation:

Receptionist: “sorry we have nothing for the next week or so”

Me: “I have cancer”

Receptionist: ” Ok are you free now? We’ve had a cancellation”

Result! I call it ‘The Cancer gold-card’.

6. Catching up on all those box sets/films I’ve been meaning to watch. Bring on The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Band of Brothers & Breaking Bad!

7. Indulging in some new hobbies. On my list so far:

-relearn the guitar. Previously I got to about 3 chords but never progressed beyond sore fingers

-improve my knitting skills beyond objects made of squares

-do some sewing just for fun as opposed to hard cash. That would be a novelty.

8. Having time to do some life admin. Investigate new filing systems, do some emotional housework & sort out that E-bay pile.

9. Taking a break from vanity. I’ll have to get used to looking at a very different me in a few months time. Apart from anything I’m going to save money on hair products.

10. Time out from life to simply contemplate and reflect. I’ve not had much time for that recently so I’m looking forward to whole year of daydreaming.

11. A late addition: listening to the Archers every day. I can’t tell you the names of any of the characters but, like beards, strangely reassuring.

  1. amykaboo says:

    Your writing is amazing Kath, witty, curious, clever – yet another skill to add to your many bows! Me, the house and the sexy ACG (almost certainly gay) neighbours miss you x

  2. Sal Grim says:

    Lovely post 🙂

    Re saving money on hair products: My friend Sara got very excited about this until she realised that she didn’t know where to stop with her face cream :-/

    • killerkath says:

      Ha yeah, well I’m gonna save a lot of money as no leg shaving etc either……every cloud, that’s what I keep telling myself x

      • Sal Grim says:

        It’s potentially a good time to give your scalp a bit of TLC. If you think about shampoo, it’s all soapy and you can’t moisturise your scalp very well when there’s hair there. I reckon you should go for it with the face cream. Maybe Clarins SPF15 lovingly rubbed in by someone who’s good at head massage 😉

  3. killerkath says:

    I might be doing that sooner than you think, I’m molting as we speak 😦 just started today.Wigs here we come! x

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